Public Works



The Public Works Department is committed to providing a high quality and level of services to the residents of our community. Our personnel are committed to anticipating and identifying problems and needs within our community and the development and implementation of creative and innovative solutions.

Core Values and Operating Principles
  • Customer Service – We measure the quality of our services by the satisfaction of those we serve.
  • Excellence – We aim to excel in all that we do and continually strive to do better.
  • Teamwork – We build organizational strength through cooperation and collaboration with others.
  • Integrity – We dedicate ourselves to the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct in serving our community and working with others.
  • Accountability – We are personally responsible and accountable for “doing what we were hired to do.”
  • Selflessness – We do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Diversity – We respect and value the differences of others and realize that taking diversity into consideration leads to cohesiveness and unity.
  • Innovation – We accept change as an opportunity to find better ways to accomplish our mission.
  • Adaptability – We are open and flexible to changing priorities, strategies, procedures and methods.
For questions on utility payments including final bills, please visit our Utilities page.
For questions on engineering, please visit our Engineering page.
For questions on code enforcement, please see our Code Enforcement page.
Town of Mead Infrastructure & Maintenance Projects Map