Street Improvement Fund: the 1% sales & use tax at work

Street Improvement Fund photo

The Street Improvement Fund was established to collect the additional 1% sales and use tax approved by voters in November 2021. This fund can only be used to maintain and improve Mead's roadways. The 1% sales and use tax is collected annually and may be applied to the subsequent fiscal year. Ex: 1% sales and use tax collected in 2024 will be allocated in the 2025 Street Improvement Fund budget.

This page will continue to provide updated project information on past and present years.


2024 Road Work

The Town of Mead will start its concrete repair and replacement program in various areas the week of May 20, with the saw-cutting of repair areas, followed by removal and replacement. This work should be completed by June 28. Additional work will be completed after the concrete repairs, including asphalt patching and reconstruction, Crack and Slurry Seal, and striping. This project is funded by our sales tax revenue increase approved by voters in November 2021. 

2024 Road Work 

  • Concrete Repairs & Replacement: $162,000
    • Feather Ridge Estates
    • Margil Farms
    • 5th St from Welker to Dillingham East side
    • Hunters Ridge Entrance
  • Reconstruction: $2,271,000
    • Feather Ridge Estates
    • Lake Hollow Estates
    • CR 32 from CR9 ½ to Frontage Rd
  • Crack Seal/ Slurry Seal: $267,000 
    • Margil Farms (Crack Seal Only)
    • Dillingham, Fairbairn, Main Street, Martin, & 5th Street
    • Hunters Cove
    • Mead Ct, Longs Peak Ct

2023 Road Work 

  • Concrete Repairs & Replacement: $187,000
  • Reconstruction: $2,037,000
    • North Creek
    • Hunters Ridge
    • Deere Ct.
    • North Valley Dr, Valley Drive, South Valley Dr.
  • Crack Seal: $31,000 
    • Hunters Cove
    • Dillingham, Fairbairn, Main Street, Martin, & 5th Street

2022 Road Work  

  • Concrete and Asphalt patching
  • Crack, Chip and Slurry Seal
    • CR 5 - CR 32 to Town limit, south of CR 34
    • CR 5 - CR 34.5 to Town limit, north of Highland Lake
    • CR 5.5 - Liberty Ranch
    • Vale View
    • Downtown - 1st, 2nd, Dillingham,  & Fairbairn
Image of Mead map, color coded to outline reconstruction, slurry seal, chip seal, and crack seal